Guest Apperance on the DoCD: Eurovoodoo by Peter Halves and Timo Vaut.

A very interesting project located somewhere between Cuba, a bit of Africa

and the so called western world - wherever that is.

Along with my long time fellow Stefan I recorded a CD with Jazz Standards,

songs we played a lot in the last decades.

CD out now: Herbie Klinger/ Stefan Werni - Standard Time In Living Rooms

More Of Minor - composed and arranged by Herbie Klinger & Hans-Christian Dörrscheidt released on: Jugend Jazz Orchester NRW - Triangle (CD 2014)

Herbie Klinger and Thomas Parpart - Radio Rheinwelle 06.11.2014

Herbie Klinger zu Gast bei Radio Rheinwelle in der Sendung >Latin Boogaloo< von Thomas Parpart: Do 06.11.14 22.00-23.00 Uhr. Interview und Auszüge der neuen CD.

Herbie Klinger - Sala Mi Wanida

Released 24.10.2014

I picked up the guitar in the early seventies because of rock music, 

especially because of latin-rock. Santana was my favourite Band. 

Over the years I learned to play the guitar, but also got interested

in different styles of music. At last I made my way into jazz. 

I never really tried to create some latin-rock stuff. 

But finally, because I´ve never had the chance to find as many latin-rock albums

as I wanted, I came up with the idea of making one of my own, for myself

and all the other people in the world who would appreciate a new album

in that old style. As a german gringo I tried to reincarnate the

sound and feeling of one of the greatest musical styles I´ve ever heard.

The result is: >Sala Mi Wanida<

recorded over the last years with the collaboration of local musicians.

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Dave Caswell/ Herbie Klinger - Dorsten 2012


Special guest (on track 9) is Dave Caswell, the english trumpeter, 

formerly member of :

Keef Hartley Band - Ashton, Gardner & Dyke -  Paice, Ashton & Lord

He was on world tour with The Who 1979/1980, 

toured with Rick Wakeman and many others. 

Pit Podlasly/ Herbie Klinger - Marl 2013

This record could not have been realized without my long time buddy 

Peter >Pit< Podlasly, with whom I first played some 35 years ago. 

He knows a lot about african and latin rhythms and was a great force

in making this recording possible. 

In the year 2000 we travelled to Havana (Cuba), where we took some 

percussion lessons from local musicians. A few fragments are heard 

in the intro and outro of: Mojito de la Habana. 


Pit, you`re my: El Rey del Ritmo