Herbie Klinger -                                        The Way I Play

CD 2021 Lani Giro 11202

1. I Can`t Get Started 5:04

2. Darn That Dream 7:25

3. What Is This Thing Called Love 4:33

4. Out Of Nowhere 5:21

5. Body And Soul 5.25

6. My Funny Valentine 4:56

7. You`d Be So Nice To Come Home To 4:28

8. My One And Only Love 11:08

9. I Fall In Love Too Easily 5:51


Herbie Klinger: Electric Guitar

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Lothar Wantia: Drums

Niclas Floer: Grand Piano

Frank Bergmann: Tenor Sax

Herbie Klinger Quintet -                      Back To The Roots With Some Herbs

CD 2020 Lani Giro 10202

Dirty Bertie 7:54

Stella By Starlight 10:39

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise 9:13

I Remember Clifford 11:02

Equinox 9:35

Willow Weep For Me 9:48


Frank Bergmann: Tenor and Soprano Sax

Herbie Klinger: Electric Guitar

Niclas Floer: Grand Piano

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Lothar Wantia: Drums

Herbie Klinger -                                        Old Times

CD 2018 Lani Giro 81021

Ballad For Pepper 5:16

Cancao Da Praia 4:08

A Night At The Pond 4:07

Moondance 3:44

Familiar With Those Things 4:31

Back Again 3:35

Changing Colours 4:31

Marina Del Rey 4:15

Shadows Of The Past 4:53

Message To Heinz 3:18

Song For The Sun 3:42

To Ernest My Old Friend 4:57

Old Times 5:02


Frank Bergmann: Tenor and Soprano Sax

Herbie Klinger: Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Niclas Floer: Grand Piano

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Lothar Wantia: Drums

Pit Podlasly: Percussion

Directions In Music By Peter Halves  And Timo Vaut - EUROVOODOO

DoCD 2017 Guanabana Records 20171

Vodù 4:02

Strong Values 10:16

Rumba Soledad 5:46

62 People Own The World 2:25

Terra Preta 3:36

Kasimir 7:50

Gnoko 4:38

Pedro Se Parece Un Caballo I 2:58

Pedro Se Parece Un Caballo II 2:28


The Howler Monkey 6:43

Menina Moca 6:17

Paz Y Tranquilidad 4:50

Ti Fi La Ou Tè Madam`4:51

Blues For Bassekou 4:37

Invento Mundial 6:32

Eurovoodoo 18:06


Timo Vaut: Soprano And Tenor Sax, Conga, Sampling

Peter Halves: Drums, Congas, Cajòn, Ballafon, Additional Percussion

Herbie Klinger: Acoustic And Electric Guitar, Mellotron

Niclas Floer: Acoustic And Electric Piano, Organ

Stefan Werni: Acoustic And Electric Bass, Alarm Bell

Yarisbel Fabrè Borrero: Vocals, Campana, Claves

Andreas "Molino" Müller: Congas, Cajòn, Batà Drums

Juan Oscar "Nino" De La Tejera Columbiè: Congas, Campana

Markus Koch: Trumpet


Herbie Klinger/ Stefan Werni - Standard Time In Living Rooms

CD 2016 Lani Giro 51021

I Thought About You 5:50

The Days Of Wine And Roses 5:04

There Is No Greater Love 5:57

We`ll Be Together Again 6:51

Black And Blue 5:06

I Should Care 5:08

Ballad For Pepper 8:33

Herbie Klinger: Electric Guitar

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Chris Kramer -                                          Die kleine Mundharmonika

DVD 2015 Blow Till Midnight


Musical by Chris Kramer


Chris Kramer: Narration, Vocals, Harp, Guitar

Sina Weber + Markus Beer: Director

Lea Conrad: Kleine Mundharmonika

Nina Zaborowski: Vocals and Benedita

Jessica Trocha: Vocals

Dave Cybis: Rap

Kevin O`Neal: Beatbox

Niclas Floer: Choirmaster

Klaus Mechlinski: Trumpet

Günter Braunstein: Sax

Tina Köhn-Reimann: Sax

Achim Hartmann: Trombone

Jens Filser: Guitar, Musical Director

Herbie Klinger: Guitar and Banjo Man

Brigitte Braunstein: Keyboard

Sebastian Kleeschulte: Bass

Frank Haverkamp: Drums

Jugend Jazz Orchester NRW -      Triangle

CD 2014 Landesmusikrat

Scattered Showers In NRW But The Sun Comes Out At Last 6:11

I`m Old Fashioned 4:13

Echo Park 6:13

Triangle 6:50

More Of Minor 5:56

A Foggy Day In London Town 6:33

Beautiful Love 5:27

Bisso Baba 5:34

Don`t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 4:06

My Private Fireworks - Inspired By G.F. Händel 4:57

Doubt And Hope 7:05

Bananeira 5:30


More Of Minor composed and arranged by Herbie Klinger & Hans-Christian Dörrscheidt

Herbie Klinger -                                       Sala Mi Wanida

CD 2014 Lani Giro 41021

Arribada 2:13

Hasta Manana 5:59

Song For The Sun 4:33

Sala Mi Wanida 4:41

Gringo`s Bugaloo 4:22

Ria`s Place 4:05

You Make Me Feel So High 4:35

Boca Do Inferno 5:41

Let It Roll 3:54

Greetings From Mother Africa 4:11

California Revisited 3:00

Back To L.A. 6:42

Moving Along 3:49

In Between 3:21

Wayanan 3:04

Mojito De La Habana 3:09

Voodoo Smile 4:51

Dave Caswell: Trumpet

Marek Jonetzky: Trumpet

Uli Schulz: Trumpet

Bernd Westhoff: Trumpet

Frank Bergman: Tenor Sax

Hans-Christian Dörrscheidt: Alto & Baritone Sax

Mike Meldrum: Trombone

Stephan Schulze: Trombone

Herbie Klinger: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Organ, Piano, Percussion

Marcel Koritnik: Vocals

Niclas Floer: Ac. & El. Piano, Organ

Andi Birke: Hammond Organ

Many Miketta: Bass

Bernd Gremm: Drums

Martin Siehoff: Drums

Pit Podlasly: Percussion, Drums

Crazy Chris Kramer -                   ...unterwegs

CD 2009 Blow Till Midnight BTM09C302

Meister-Igel 3:58

Du gabst mir 7 Kinder 3:10

Ich hab Scheiß gebaut 5:50

Dein Herz schlägt wie es schlägt 3:59

Ich wollte immer klingen wie James Brown 3:46

Nichts dauert ewig 3:28

Ich such den ganz besonderen Ton 3:39

Hätt ich nur einen Moment Zeit 4:18

Biggis Bier Bar 3:40

Benedicita 5:30

Bleib bis zum Frühstück 3:46

Es gibt gut, besser und es gibt mich 4:21

Ich beiß mich da jetzt durch 3:18

Work Song 4:42

Chris Kramer: Vocals, Harp, Guitar

Dirk Edelhoff: Guitar

Jens Filser: Guitar

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Malte Triebsch: Guitar

Mick Taylor: Guitar

Little Frank Karkowski: Guitar

Michael Mitzkus: Pedal Steel

Niclas Floer: Piano

Pinetop Perkins: Piano

Tobias Cosler: Organ

Chuck Leavell: Piano, Hammond Organ

Helge Schneider: Hammond Organ

Olaf Kröger: Trumpet

Albie Donnelly: Sax

Jörg Wippich: Sax

Daniel Fellmann: Trombone

Bernd Kullack: Violin

Wolfgang Engelbertz: Double Bass

Martin Engelin: Bass

Bob Stroger: Bass

Colin Hodgkinson: Bass

Pete York: Drums

Mel Gaynor: Drums

Willie >Big Eyes< Smith: Drums

Carsten Steffens: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Hannes Bender, Jochen Malmsheimer, Pavel Popolski, Giovanni Arvaneh, 

Katrin Ritt, Nils Brunkhorst: Choir

Karin Zimny -                                           The Way You Look Tonight

CD 2008 Zimny & Rehberg Records

I Thought About You 3:34

Gee Baby, Ain`t I Good To You 2:42

It Had To Be You 3:26

Deed I Do 2:54

I`ve Got A Crush On You 3:31

One Note Samba 3:03

Just Squeeze Me 4:25

Our Love Is Here To Stay 2:46

Fly Me To The Moon 2:36

The Way You Look Tonight 3:51

Honeysuckle Rose 2:37

Comes Love 4:22

Just One Of Those Things 2.59

They Can`t Take That Away From Me 4:17   

Karin Zimny: Vocals

Hans-Christian Dörrscheidt: Sax

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Rainer Lipski: Piano

Thomas Schäfer: Piano

Norbert Hotz: Double Bass

Many Miketta: Double Bass

Peter Podlasly: Percussion

Peter Thoms: Drums

Sebastian Netta: Drums

Ernst Dittke Septett -                  Ellerbruch Soul

CD 2003 Swingbecken

Ellerbruch Soul 5:40

Blues Within 2:27

Whisper Not 5:46

In My Solitude 4:36

This Here 3:12

Misterioso 3:42

In Walked Bud 3:20

Ballad For Pepper 4:02

I`m An Old Cowhand 4:42

Blues After Dark 3:59

Line For Lyons 3:08

Angel Eyes 7:38

Now`s The Time 4:42

Before My Time 5:20

Django 4:00

Senor Blues 9:01

Ernst Dittke: Soprano & Tenor Sax

Christian Jendreiko: Vocals

Heinz Oelmann: Piano

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Volker Ehm: Double Bass

Achim Kämper: Drums

Crazy Chris Kramer & Friends Vol.3 - Second Set

CD 2003 Blow Till Midnight BTM00009

Mastercook 3:01

Gangster Blues 3:32

Bless My Soul 3:56

Don`t Wish I Was Dead 4:18

I Never Felt So Fine 3:08

Messin`With The Kid 4:09

Apetite Blues 5:59

If I Don`t Fit Don`t Force It 1:56

Train, Sweet Train 3:29

If I Ever Loose Your Lovin` 4:48

Life Is A Bitch 3:40

I Was 19 Years Old 6:07

My Ramblin`Soul Is Restless 5:24

I Intend To Survive 2:50

Rescue Me 3:40

The One You Love 3:38

Finally Falls The Rain 5:15 

Bernd Westhoff: Trumpet

Hans-Christian Dörrscheidt: Sax

Albie Donnelly: Sax

Matthias Fleige: Trombone, Guitar

Bernd Kullack: Violin

Chris Kramer: Vocals, Harmonica

Roger Sutcliffe: Guitar, Vocals

Frank Diez: Guitar, Vocals

Bernhard Allison: Guitar, Vocals

Tom Shaka: Guitar, Vocals

Christoph John: Guitar

Manfred Portugall: Guitar

Herbie Klinger: Guitar, Horn Arrangement

Helge Schneider: Organ

Jürgen Orzelki: Bass

Eric Richards: Bass, Organ, Piano

Colin Hodgkinson: Bass

Jack Bruce: Bass

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Locke: Percussion

Manfred Lampe: Drums

Martin Siehoff: Drums

Pete York: Drums


Achim Kämper -                                       Call & Response

CD 2001 Swingbecken

Parisian Call-Train 0:31

Who Can I turn To When Nobody Needs Me? 5:38

What Is This Thing Called Love? 3:37

Interplay 4:11

Round Midnight 2:52

I Love You 4:10

Watch What Happens 3:45

Blues In The Closet 5:44

My One And Only Love 5:32

The More I See You 5:31

Solitude 5:00

I`ll Remember April 4:36

Sugar 5:12

The End Of A Love Affair 3:49

That`s All 5:51

Ernst Dittke: Soprano & Tenor Sax, Flute

Heinz Oelmann: Piano

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Volker Ehm: Double Bass

Achim Kämper: Drums

Crazy Chris Kramer & Friends Vol.1 - Guarantee For The Blues

CD 2001 Blow Till Midnight BTM000007

Ain`t Got No Home 3:33

I Wanna Rock 2:13

Power Of The Blind Man 5:29

Maggie Bell 3:34

I`m Searching 7:00

Back Water Blues 4:27

Keep On Rocking The World 2:42

Rock Me Baby 5:48

You Gotta Change Your Ways 5:08

Been Your Dog 3:50

Guarantee For The Blues 5:08

Albie Donnelly: Tenor Sax, Vocals

Chris Kramer: Vocals, Harmonica

Long John Baldry: Vocals, Guitar

Baby Pereira: Vocals

John Kirkbride: Vocals, Guitar

Slidin`John: Guitar

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Martin Scholz: Organ

Helge Schneider: Organ

Eric Richards: Bass

Jack Bruce: Bass

Colin Hodgkinson: Bass

Martin Siehoff: Drums

Pete York: Drums

Crazy Chris Kramer -                      Journey

CD 2000 Blow Till Midnight BTM-005

Introduction 1:34

Carneval De La Alegria 2:28

When You Gotta Leave 3:49

On My Way 3:18

Dale`s Tune 3:44

Good Morning In Calcutta 3:22

Teardrops In My Suitcase 3:48

Just Another Day On The Highway 10:28

In The Middle Of Nowhere 1:36

Alone In The Desert 2:39

Benedicita 6:34

Fun(k)time 8:22 

Albie Donnelly: Tenor Sax

Chris Kramer: Harmonica, Guitar

Alexander Kleer: Violin

Helge Schneider: Hammond B3, Piano, Accordion

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Colin Hodgkinson: Bass

Eric Bednarz: Double Bass

Günter Müller: Double Bass, Didgeridoo

Willi Schwarz: Vichintra, Tabla, Percussion

Hakim Ludin: Percussion

Pete York: Drums

Martin Siehoff: Drums


Karin Zimny & Herbie Klinger Quartet

CD 1999 Lani Giro 99911

Is You Is 3:41

Bewitched 3:44

Star Eyes 3:18

Yesterdays 3:57

Just Friends 2:11

You Are Too Beautiful 4:37

A Foggy Day 3:16

Skylark 4:32

Love Me Or Leave Me 3:23

You Don`t Know What Love Is 4:21

My Funny Valentine 2:51

Stella By Starlight 3:13

I´ve Got You Under My Skin 3:53

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 3:32 

Karin Zimny: Vocals

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Niclas Floer: Piano

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Patrick Hengst: Drums

Karl-Heinz Zimny: Drums

Loona -                                                  Lunita

CD 1999 Motor 559907-2

Intro 0:53

Hijo De La Luna 4:07

Mama 4:09

Mariposa 3:42

Another Christmas Without You 4:10

Donde Vas 3:58

Amor, Amor 4:56

Hijo De La Luna (Radio Version) 3:51

Bailando 3:34

Oye, Oye! 3:59

Outro 2:25

Bonus Track: Porque? 3:11

Loona: Vocals

D.J. Sammy

Orquesta De La Loona

Herbie Klinger: Orchestra Arrangement

Herbie Klinger`s Confusix -                       A Colour Called Blue

CD 1998 Lani Giro 89911

A Colour Called Blue 8:06

Depression 7:03

Still Alone 3:45

Phoenix/ I Wonder Why 8:56

Cancao Da Praia 4:17

Ellerbruch Soul 10:17

Jan Klare: Alto Sax

Frank Bergmann: Tenor Sax

Peter Schwatlo: Trombone

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Andreas Griefingholt: Drums

Herbie Klinger -                            ConFusion Music

CD 1994 Zauf Records 4991

Spring Under Northern Lights 6:10

New Funk 4:28

Open The Door 4:14

Another 12 Bars 4:32

Miles Away 6:08

Seven Pages 5:41

Sun City Sunset Song 5:50

M.D.F. 6:17

A Day In The Jungle Part 1 4:07

A Day In The Jungle Part 2 8:02

Erwin Lorant: Trumpet

Lothar Ohlmeier: Soprano Sax

Jan Klare: Alto Sax

Frank Bergmann: Tenor Sax

Stephan Schulze: Trombone

Bernd Kullack: Electric Violin

Herbie Klinger: Guitar, Keyboards

Michael Soll: Bass

Hans-Jürgen Gralke: Bass

Stefan Werni: Double Bass

Bernd Gremm: Drums

Surgery -                                   Übermorgen

LP 1980 Yregrus Records, CD 2010 Garden Of Delights CD159

Intro 4:47

Kernein 3:04

Adios G.F. 6:00

Vurz im Morgengrauen 6:38

Intro Reprise 0:44

Paulchen Panther 2:51

Pisa 6:16

On My Way To Übermorgen 5:08

Sieben Plus Bossa 8:07


Bonus Tracks (CD):

Sir Jerry 5:24

Alter Narr, was nun? 4:38

Feeling Good 3:30

Katerfrühstück 4:36

Schmalzer 3:46

Amazonien Teil 1 1:40

Heiter bis wolkig 2:31

Amazonien Teil 2 3:36

Rush Hour In Madrid 3:07

Schmetterling 3:46

Udo Custodis: Tenor Sax

Thomas Miebs: Keyboards, Tenor Sax

Herbie Klinger: Guitar

Udo Fuellhaas: Bass

Alfred Gaudschun: Percussion

Jörg-Peter Podlasly: Drums, Percussion

Rüdiger Freitag: Drums